Vintage Ray Ban Shooter Kalichrome 62mm B&L USA Sunglasses



Yes – this is the model Johnny Depp wore as Hunter S. Thompson in the cult movie Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. Besides that, it’s a remarkable and timeless original Ray-Ban design that oozes a certain maverick style. With the yellow Bausch & Lomb kalichrome lenses, the central metal frame ring, the sweat bar detail above the eyes and the curled cable temples for a safe fit, these sunglasses altogether have an almost military look.
With their brightening effect, these glasses are great for driving or riding a motorcycle, but they will also complement any outfit as a savvy and courageous style statement. 

Plus it's New Old Stock ... What more can we say!

We present these sunglasses as part of our exclusive Heyday Collection.

Stated price is excluding VAT (no VAT on used and vintage itmes)

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