The R-Gruppe Book - A Porsche Lover Must Have

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Probably the coolest Porsche book out there

26,5 x 32,5 cm (10 x 13”) coffee-table book of 580 pages that’s filled with 840 brilliant images of awesome cars, candid visits of member’s private garages, and beautiful Californian landscapes. Well written essays about the history and the attitude towards life of America‘s cult Porsche car club.

Discover all about the book and the R-Gruppe here...

Founded around 20 years ago in California, and strictly limited to a maximum number of 300 members since, the R Gruppe is almost the heart of Porsche life in the USA. From firefighters to incredibly wealthy architects, the members of R Gruppe aren't united only by their passion for historic Porsches. The club stands for friendship, freedom and solidarity; for the joy of being on the road and for a life where the journey is always the destination.

You will find all the greatness split up into 580 pages, offering a diverse mix of photography, storytelling and knowledge. Starting with an intro on California Attitude to 32 amazing home stories with the OGs doing their thing with their beloved flat sixes, Frank joined all the meetups, tours, races, had a look into the garages, secret stashes and history books, giving the full inside scoop on the R GRUPPE way of life. And having fun all the way!

Size: 26,5 x 32,5 cm x 5,7cm (10 x 13x 2,25”)
Pages: 580
Weights 5kg (10 pounds)

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R-Gruppe Book *****

Bit pricey but lovely executed air cooled porsche book. worth having. enjoy!

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