The Adventures of Tintin Rocket Taking Off Numbered Edition

€189 €156,20 Excl. VAT

A must for Speedmaster fans ... But not only for them!

In the "Les Icônes" series, iconic objects & scenes from Hergé's Tintin series are implemented as high-quality, numbered resin objects.

The iconic shape of the famous rocket cannot be missing from the “Les Icones” collection. A really extraordinary implementation, namely the launch of the rocket!
The shape icon was made in a matt finished and gives you the feeling of direct proximity to what is happening, as we know it from "Destination Moon" and "Steps on the Moon". The tail of fire and the cloud of dust have been implemented very expressively.

An object that you cannot look past.

Measurements ( Length x Height x Width):
19x 43 x 19 cm (7.5 x 16.9 x 7.5 in.) 

Numbered and accompanied by its certificate

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