Vintage Large Sterling Silver Collectable Box


Bernhard's Curated Classics
“Having so much bits and tings flying around the desk, it's very handy to organize them in a stylish way”

Finest Sterling silver decoration and an everyday practical use come together in this vintage box that carries a filigree pattern on the lid. An absolute eyecatcher for any desk, it offers plenty of room for stationery, keys, a watch or even your favorite cigars. Whatever you want to throw in, this is the right way to to do it in style.

The outer case is in its original condition and measures approx. 17 x 10 x 3,5 cm ( 6.7 x 3.9 x 1.4 inches). The inner section is made from fine wood and makes this a real unique piece.

Stated price is excluding VAT (no VAT on used and vintage items)                                                                           

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