Rolex Submariner 5513 Gilt Underline White Swiss Only Dial


An important white SWISS only…

This is a very rare and interesting vintage Sub and like with all things vintage Rolex, it’s all in the details. This watch house a nice dial that is still glossy with few spiders in the lacquer. The dial feature two important features – an underline and the word SWISS only on the bottom edge. The underline mark was used to signify lesser radioactivity in the luminous mixture on the hour plots, following the outlawing of Radium use. For a good while, the debate raged about what exactly the small line meant, but it is accepted that it was there to identify the safer nature of the lume mix. Read our article here.
Additionally, the presence of Swiss only is rare, but in this case the text is in white – that’s extra rare! The pointed-crown-guard case is still fat with strong lugs and crown guards. The bezel insert is a fat font version that has taken on a cool brown tone, that is a great match with the deep patina on the dial and hands.
The bracelet is a rivet Oyster reference 7206 great condition with 80 endlinks and a clasp stamped ‘1 68’. The watch has been fully serviced by our watchmaker.


- Rolex Submariner 5513
- 40mm steel case
- Serial 989xxx dating to 1963
- Gilt glossy underline dial
- White SWISS only marking at bottom edge
- Brown fat font bezel insert
- Oyster rivet bracelet 7206 with ref 80 endlinks
- Fully serviced by our watchmaker
- One-year mechanical warranty
- Includes a handmade leather watch pouch
- Free worldwide Fedex Priority shipping

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