Rolex Submariner 5513 Gilt Underline Dial


The nicest gilt with citron splashes…

We are delighted to offer this stunning vintage Submariner. The dial is a gilt dial in fantastic condition – we don’t think we’ve ever seen a nicer one I the last few years!
The dial features amazing citron yellow colour hour plots with great matching hands. The super glossy dial features an interesting and rare dash, known as the underline. The underline mark was used to signify lesser radioactivity in the luminous mixture on the hour plots, following the outlawing of Radium use. For a good while, the debate raged about what exactly the small line meant, but it is accepted that it was there to identify the safer nature of the lume mix. Read our article here.
The case features pointed-crown-guards and remains in stunningly good condition. The fat font bezel has aged to a dark grey that only adds to the vintage character of this Sub. This is a very special watch!
The accompanying bracelet is a stretch rivet Oyster reference 6636 in great condition with 80 endlinks and a clasp stamped ‘3 69’.
The watch has been fully serviced by our watchmaker.


- Rolex Submariner 5513
- 40mm steel case
- Serial 1009xxx dating to early 1964
- Perfect gilt glossy underline dial
- Dark grey fat font bezel insert
- Oyster stretch rivet bracelet 6636 with ref 80 endlinks
- Fully serviced by our watchmaker
- One-year mechanical warranty
- Includes a handmade leather watch pouch
- Free worldwide Fedex Priority shipping

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