Rolex Datejust Silver Swiss Only Dial 1603

The Silver Swiss only DJ…

The Rolex Datejust has been a long-standing member of the family in the Rolex catalogue. Since its introduction in 1945, collectors have loved it for its timeless elegance, versatility and the huge choice of dial variations that have been made over the years.
This 1603 is in superb condition, with a good case and nice fluted bezel. This watch has a nice early sunburst silver so-called pie pan and is signed ‘SWISS’ only and features unusual hour markers, which give the watch a cool twist. The Jubilee bracelet, reference 62150H, is in very good condition with a clasp stamped ‘I 8’ and reference 555 end links. The watch has been fully checked by our watchmaker.


- Reference 1603
- 36mm steel case
- Serial 799xxx dating to 1962
- Silver ‘Swiss’ dial
- Jubilee bracelet reference 62510H with 555 endlinks
- Fully checked by our watchmaker
- Includes a handmade leather watch pouch
- Free worldwide Fedex Priority shipping

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