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ROLEX 1675 GMT 1971 MK1 LONG E
ROLEX 1675 GMT 1971 MK1 LONG E
ROLEX 1675 GMT 1971 MK1 LONG E
ROLEX 1675 GMT 1971 MK1 LONG E
ROLEX 1675 GMT 1971 MK1 LONG E
ROLEX 1675 GMT 1971 MK1 LONG E
ROLEX 1675 GMT 1971 MK1 LONG E
ROLEX 1675 GMT 1971 MK1 LONG E
ROLEX 1675 GMT 1971 MK1 LONG E

ROLEX 1675 GMT 1971 MK1 LONG E


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They have become so hard to find these days… Nice Rolex GMT’s… and even harder nice Long E Mk1 dial versions.

We are happy to offer you this beautiful Rolex 1675 matte MK1 dial GMT.  The watch comes on a nice Rolex bracelet and we will add some B&S style love.

The watch is in a great looking condition. Perfect dial and still a nice case.
Amazing faded fat font insert.
The watch is freshly serviced by our watchmaker.

The watch comes in a package with 1 B&S handmade vintage style leather strap of your choice.



Model Ref.
1675 GMT
Dial type
Lonk E MK1
Box and papers
Service Papers
serviced by our watchmaker
on request

We are passionate about vintage watches. When you buy a vintage timepiece you buy into a piece of history as well. Most watches we sell have decades of stories to tell. By collecting and wearing such a watch you simply add your story and then pass it on again. There is no object we can feel such a deep connection with. We are really excited to connect you with your next watch.

At Bulang and Sons we have sold hundreds of watches over the years. We are a small team of experienced collectors and connoisseurs, part of an extensive global network of buyers and sellers. We are really proud of the great reputation we have for dealing only with high quality, high standard watches. We have one simply rule: we only buy and sell watches we want to own ourselves. And yes, we are still collectors too.

We know how intense the search for a specific vintage watch can be. Once you find it at Bulang and Sons, we want to make things easy, safe and fast for you. Therefore we offer the most comprehensive return policy and warranty; you will not find a safer place on the internet to buy a vintage watch.

We only offer individual timepieces and have a limited collection of the very finest vintage watches out there. The kind of quality we look for is rare to find, so we are very proud of every single watch in our shop.

It must be pretty clear by now, that we are not your average watch dealer. That is why we don’t sell our watches with a simple ‘Add to cart’ button and often communicate the price on request. We want to get in touch with you personally, to give you the best experience possible and to make sure you find the vintage watch that is right for you. Whether you’re building a collection or out to find that one unique timepiece, we’re here to help. If there is anything you would like to ask, please do. Connecting with other watch lovers is the greatest thing about working at Bulang and Sons.