Retro is always a very mixed feeling term. Mostly ant kind of Retros are well-intentioned but mostly poorly implemented.
Although we might be known as the Vintage lovers we sure also have an eye out what the modern watchword has to offer and yes we also like Retros and Retro inspired re issues like the Black Bay Black for example.

Again we stumbled across a very nice one, the IWC Portuguese Jubilee 125th Anniversary Limited Edition

The watch is the exact reissue of the original from the 40s. With the earlier, matt silver-plated dial, the Arabic relief figures, the lancet-shaped leaf hands and the recessed, finely decorated circle for the second. Under the number 12, the fine pocket watch logo “International Watch Co. Schaffhausen” stretches from left to right. The case was re-produced in original size – mostly with the old original tools.

Comes on original strap in worn but excellent condition along with IWC Tang Buckle.
Limited Edition of 1000 pieces made in 1993 for the 125th Anniversary of the IWC Portuguese.

Large 42mm case gentleman´s wrist watch with historic background.
Maybe one of the most distinguished IWC models so far.
Pure eye candy to watch the clockwork through the transparent casebook.

The masterpiece of the workmanship has a great tradition:

As a flattest and best pocket watch from the 1940s (caliber 74) with split spring house bridge, large screw balance with temperature compensation, Breguet spiral, 18000 semi-oscillations per hour it became shock proof and therefore a new name (caliber 982).  Otherwise remained practically unchanged and is still used today for pocket watches. Former owners of Portuguese watches were so fascinated by the movement that they could be retrofitted with a transparent case. This is why the view into the work is released through a sapphire glass case back. An anniversary engraving documents the festive occasion in the best way: “International Watch Co. 1868 – 1993”. And consequently, a new name had to be created again: Caliber 9828. This too belongs to the legendary precision of IWC.

This Portuguese watch is limited to three jubilee series with 1000 numbered items in steel, 500 in red gold and 250 in platinum.

IWC Portuguese Jubilee

125th Anniversary Limited Edition

– Ref. 5441
– 1993
– 42mm case
– Original IWC croco strap and buckle
– Incl. one B&S Leather Strap
– No box, no papers


Model Ref.
Dial type
silver dial
Box and papers
Service Papers
On Hold

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