Heuer Chronograph Bundeswehr Sternzeit Reguliert 1551 SGSZ


The sidereal time watch…

We are delighted to offer this incredibly rare Heuer Bund-issued chronograph! The Bundeswehr were issued a good number of Heuer chronographs, but a very limited number were made that were regulated to sidereal time, an astronomical system that was sued in combat to ensure missiles were launched accurately. Read more in our story here.

The black dial is in flawless condition and features the Sternzeit Reguliert text and a small T on the dial at six o’clock. The sandblasted case is in really beautiful condition, as is the rotating 12-hour bezel. This is a very important watch to military collectors and is made even more special due to accompanying accessories.

Included is leather document holder (with Bundeswehr inventory numbers on it) that contains a celestial map, a booklet for the School of Rockets and Artillery and an Astronomical Yearbook for Troop Surveying that includes details on sidereal time and moon phases amongst other information. This is maybe one of the most interesting military watches we have offered and it has been serviced by our watchmaker.

Discover our Strap Guide for more strap combinations here.


- Reference 1551 SGSZ serial 47xx dating to the early 70s
- bundeswehr stock numbers on caseback
- Large 43mm Case
- Rare Sternzeit Reguliert dial
- Flyback chronograph Valjoux 230 movement
- Rotating bezel
- Original Bund-style strap with Bund-issued numbers
- Issued equipment including leather folder, celestial map,
   sunglasses and two books
- Fully serviced by our watchmaker
- One-year mechanical warranty
- Includes a handmade leather watch pouch
- Free worldwide Fedex Priority shipping

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