Goro's Feathers and Claw Necklace

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The Legend of the Yellow Eagle

Following our long tradition of wearing and selling Native American Jewelry we're delighted to finally offer you a Goro's Set.
For those who have never heard of Goro's we suggest to take your time and watch the video in the gallery, which gives an insight into history and mysticism.
If you're experienced with the world of getting a Rolex Sports Model from your AD, here's the next scavenger hunt on how to get access to this unique jewelry.

The set consist of:
Gold Top Feather Pendant (Facing Left) XL
6,8 x 1,5 cm ( 2.7 x 0.6 in.)

Gold Top Heart Wheel Feather Pendant L
5,1 cm x 1 cm ( 2 x 0.4 in.)

Silver Claw Pendant (Facing Right)
3,5cm x 1,7 cm ( 1.37 x 0.66 in.)

Cornered Chain with Wheel
50cm ( 19.7 in.)

You may have seen one of these elusive works before on people like John Mayor, Eric Clapton, Hiroshi Fujiwara, but you never thought about where it came from or what these silver works are all about.
A feather is carefully crafted as if fluttering in the wind, featuring detailed veins branching from the feather shaft, and finishing with a touch of gold with embossed kitty. You may have seen other feather-shaped jewelry before, but nothing can compare with the details and shape of this one.
That's Goro's.

The set was bought from Rinkan ( Tokyo) in early 2019 and is accompanied by the proof of purchase.

Can’t wait to receive you package? With Bulang and Sons you don’t have to. We are located in The Netherlands and have ways of getting your order to you fast. 

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