Everest Curved End Grey Rubber Strap With Tang Buckle - ONLY For Modern Rolex

€220 €181,82 Excl. VAT

A Higher Take on Modern Watches

Crafted in Switzerland from the world’s most quality rubber, this grey strap is on another level! Incredibly comfortable and resistant to UV rays, dust, water or detergent, the Everest strap is designed exclusively for a number of equally robust modern Rolex watches.
The strap’s sleek lines together with a custom brushed steel tang buckle provide a fresh and purist look fit for any adventure, whether in a three-piece or a diving suit!

Before you order, please check the tab "Will this strap fit my watch?" for your perfect Everest strap!

Your order includes:
One custom curved end rubber strap in two pieces
(Standard Strap Lengths: 80 and 120 mm)
One custom brushed steel tang buckle
Two Rolex style 2.0 mm spring bars

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