Custom Louis Vuitton Epi Leather President Briefcase

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This custom Louis Vuitton President Briefcase may be the most unique and stylish way to present and store your beloved watches

As admirers of the brand and its craftsmanship, we are excited to present this vintage President briefcase in our store.
The base for this unique custom project is a very rare Winnipeg Sable Epi Leather President case from the mid 90s. This rare Epi color is longtime discontinued with only very few general products from LV still being around with they special leather. 
Let alone a President briefcase in this execution.

With the case remaining in its original vintage state, the interior has been updated by our artisan leather craftsmen Jean Paul Menicucci.

The handcrafted inner section is made from the softest alcantara over a custom lightweight wooden frame, holds up to 12 watches and fits like a glove with a firm fit.

The watch compartments are covered by an extra firm layer which protects the watches and can be used as a tray to present your watches next to it. Refined with the most precious diamond stitching finish.
The leather covered buttons fix it and give the extra little style. The custom inner case can be removed to use the briefcase with its original set up. 
The original inner leather organiser pad is ideal for any of your watch related documents and offers extra space for your straps or precious accessories.

The briefcase is in its original condition with a vintage charm and a great charisma that fits perfect to your vintage watch collection. Accompanied by the original name tag and the leather clochet with both keys.

The briefcase measures approx. 44 x 35 x 11,5 cm ( 17.3 x 13.8 x 4.4 inches) on the outside. 

Each of the twelve watch compartments being measured in the inside at 6,3 x 9 x 4,5 cm (2.48 x 3.54 x 1.77 inches) with the flexible pillows measuring 6 x 7,6 x 2,6 cm (2.36 x 2.99 x 1.02 inches). 
The two extra compartments in the custom tray measuring each 19,4 x 11,3 x 4,5 cm( 7.63 x 4.44 x 1.77 inches).

Please be aware to use the briefcase only as an outstanding way to present and store your precious watches and accessories. It is not intended to be used as a travel storage or carried vertically while it is filled with your watches and accessoires.

Handmade essentials

Our watch essentials are handmade in Italy. Each item is an individual piece with its own structure and colour which may differ slightly from the one on display in our online shop.

Care instruction

Our watch essentials are made of the finest natural materials. If they are made of leather you can be sure there is no chemical coating or waxing on top, which is why they are so very soft and full of character. This natural quality also causes aging of the material as time passes. Every item gets its own individual patina, which is something we love. Please don’t treat the leather with oil or wax as it ruins the whole nature of the product.

This also comes with a warning: avoid direct contact with water, as it may cause stains. We recommend not watering plants next to these watch essentials.

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