Any Tudor Love out there???? We sure hope so. Otherwise we are happy to fire it up a bit for you.

We at Bulang & Sons are proud to present you this great looking Tudor 7928 Submariner. Together with Ross Povey from Tudorcollector.com (check their blog its great).. we wanted to highlight these great watches. And Ross contacted us to create a great curated package for his watch. Ross is a great Tudor collector and co-owner and editor of the great blog about Tudor > tudorcollector.com < Visit the blog, its great.

So you have a collaboration here between him and us. But as we are both friends of Grahame Fowler we wanted him on board in this great package. But we did not even stop at that. To complete the package we added some of the B&S/JP products. All handmade in Italy.

So what more do you want for a stylish living. A great classic watch, straps, a cool Oskar Gydell bracelet, a vintage Opinel knife…

We both wanted to add a super nice black bag from Grahame Fowler. A friend and great designer from New York. This hand made tote bag is made out of vintage material. Such a cool bag to fit the vintage look of the watch.

What looks so great about those watches is to wear them on a nato strap. It adds up to the pure tool watch style these watches have. And imagine what stories these watches can tell after 40 years. Thats what vintage watches are all about. Patina that shows the mystery of stories inside. And still so much life in them to tell your stories on the road… enjoy!

Curated Tudor 7928 gilt dial Submariner:

– Tudor 7928 submariner
– Handmade Grahame Fowler bag
– Oskar Gydell bracelet
– vintage Opinel knife
– handmade leather B&S / JP nato strap
– handmade leather B&S / JP buckle strap
– handmade leather B&S / JP watch pouch
– nylon nato strap

Hope you will enjoy this style.


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