Do you love patina ?? Do you love things that tell a story. Things that show they have seen the world ??…. this one is for you. We are proud to present you this most amazing Curated Lifestyle Package with an great Rolex 1675 GMT with not only a killer creme/orange patina but also with the most amazing inlay you could imagine. See the faded inlay… just magical. It adds so much character to this great watch. The fat font black inlay faded to an warm brown with some gradient to the most amazing warm and lighter grey brown tones. Also the typo added a more creme patina which matches the patina of the dial. And gives the total watch a killer look.

But we would not do justice to the watch and our self if we would not add a special something. One of the most amazing bags i have seen in the last year or so. I have it waiting for a while now. And this is the perfect match to add it to an B&S Curated package.

This i a totally limited tote bag made by Grahame Fowler of New York. Handmade out of ORIGINAL WW2 FIGHTER JACKETS in Japan and only 3 ever made! And guess what … the patina of the bag and watch is a marriage made in heaven. And even more… the Rolex GMT was originally designed as a pilots watch in the 50th. And even many Astronauts have been wearing them. Also into space. As did many pilots. Also fighter pilots over the world.

Imagine the stories the bag could tell….. and that you are 1 of only 2 people who ever where able to buy this bag (the 3 rd is in the archive from the designer).

Look at the condition of the case. The steel Rolex jubilee bracelet is also in a great condition.

So what better match could there be found. Killer patina and amazing brown .. rare and killer inlay. And a super watch.

We also added some extra products to this package… a Cool handmade Oskar Gydell bracelets.  A cool handmade leather buckle strap matching the cool brown patina of the inlay and back. So you can change look now and then. And of course a little Bulang & Sons notebook to write down all these stories you find on your way with your new watch and bag. Enjoy.

All packed in one package…

B&S Curated Rolex 1675 GMT:

– Rolex 1675 matte GMT with steel bracelet
– Crazy nice rare faded to brown inlay
– Handmade limited tote bag made from WW2 Fighter jackets
– Oskar Gydell bracelet
– B&S handmade leather strap
– B&S handmade watch pouch
– pencil and notebook

Hope you will enjoy this style.

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