Bronze Perfect Match Black Leather Watch Strap

€140 €115,70 Excl. VAT

Bronze and Black

We're fans of Tudor watches old and new, and with the recent Black Bay Bronze model, they've really taken the biscuit. The materials, the tones and details – this timepiece is just spot on! And of course we would like to add some of the Bulang and Sons spirit to it by dedicating an own line of matching Leather Watch Straps.

All straps in the Bronze Perfect Match collection share a 23 mm lug width, a slightly tapered fit and our exclusive branded Brass Colored Square Buckle. This black watch strap is made from a supple leather with a great finish and features a white side stitch. Handcrafted by Italian Artisan JPM.

Length: 12,5 + 7 cm (4.92 + 2.76 in.)

Buckle size:
Lug width 23 mm = 20 mm buckle

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