Baume & Mercier Calatrava 1950s Large Case



There was a time in the 1940s and 50s when it was fashionable to wear small watches at around 32mm. Some brands, however, experimented with making oversized watches and this beautiful Baume & Mercia dress watch is one such example; it measures 36mm…big for the time! We found the watch in New old stock condition –never & completely original condition.We just have it serviced by our watchmakers! The dial is untouched and has aged to a nice patina over the years. This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire a beautiful, classic and collectible vintage Calatrava –style watch at a great price. The watch has fixed lug bars and so we have selected, what is in our opinion, the best fixed leather strap for the watch. 

- Oversize Baume & Mercier Calatrava Handwound time only watch
- Dates to 1950s
- Near NOS condition
- 36mm steel case
- Rare original dial and hands
- Large sub-seconds dial
- Fully serviced by our watchmaker
- Includes a fixed leather Bulang and Sons strap.

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