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Article: Signature by Bulang & Sons

Signature by Bulang & Sons

Signature by Bulang & Sons

Signature by Bulang & Sons is a new department within our online boutique which houses a capsule collection of curated limited edition special pieces, chosen for their character, unique qualities, beauty or provenance.

Bernhard Bulang

B&S JP-Roll - 11 O

The ‘B&S Signature’ watch roll

We are delighted to present our latest exciting creation, the Signature by Bulang & Sons leather and canvas watch roll. This new hand crafted watch roll is the perfect fusion of a rugged canvas exterior and the finest soft suede leather inside; made in extremely limited numbers. The rolls have all been handmade by one of the finest artisan leathersmiths in Italy. Together we sourced some unique materials like this canvas that was used to make these unique accessories and, together with our craftsman, we have designed a roll that will carry up to six timepieces.

B&S JP-Roll - 11 B

B&S JP-Roll - 11 L
B&S JP-Roll - 11 D

B&S JP-Roll - 11 C

B&S JP-Roll - 11 F

B&S JP-Roll - 11 E

B&S JP-Roll - 11 J

B&S JP-Roll - 11 M

B&S W-49 Omega Speed Trop 69 9:14 02

More styles and unique materials to come soon.

B&S Essentials Lifestyle LR 02

B&S W-41 Rolex 5513 gilt '67 4:14 28

B&S straps in use 77

B&S straps in use 119

B&S hangtag 01

Get out and be mr. Cool at your next watch meeting with friends.

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B&S Signature leather nato strap 20 mm
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