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Our aim at Bulang and Sons is to ensure all our clients get the most out of their shopping experience. Our Personal Shopping Service is available to you now. Let our founder Bernhard Bulang guide you through our range of products to select the best choice for you and your watch. This complimentary service allows you to be guided by Bernhard and have your watch personally curated by our Founder.

Personal Shopping Service – How Does It Work?

A simple e-mail to Bernhard is enough. He will reply within 24 hours to find out more about what watch you wish to buy a strap for or which accessories you want to buy and then send over his recommendations. Upon your approval, the products can be purchased and paid for via our web shop and will be shipped straight to you via international Fedex shipping with advanced tracking.

Get in Touch, We’re Happy to Help

If you’re looking not only for that one watch strap but something a little more special, Bernhard will be happy to assist you in curating a personalised package from our carefully curated portfolio or even help you commission unique pieces. So whether its a single strap for your favourite watch or a full curated package, Bernhard is here to help.

Try it now – send your enquiries to

A Trusted Tastemaker With A Mission

“As a designer, as a watch collector with the experience of over a decade dealing in vintage watches, and as head of Bulang and Sons I have gained a reputation as a tastemaker with customers and followers in more than 70 countries. But my drive remains the same it has been from the start – I ai to add soul to the watch lovers’ community, a little “pleasant friction”. Because without friction, there’s no spark.

So please email me, i am happy to help”.

Bernhard Bulang

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