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Article: B&S Exclusive Summer Styling

B&S Exclusive Summer Styling

B&S Exclusive Summer Styling

As summer approaches our focus turns to relaxing at the beach, having a barbecue with friends or camping out under the stars. Our new straps are perfect for the coming summer months and there is a strap from our new collection to suit every occasion. We are excited to announce that each of the four new straps from our spring 2015 collection are made from leathers that are exclusive to Bulang & Sons – you won’t see these straps available anywhere else, so make sure you make your selections quickly before stocks run out!

B&S beach 01

We’re sure all of you will have read our article on by now. We love the denim lifestyle world and are delighted with a new finish on two of our exclusive leathers. The Chestnut and Pebble are both stonewashed and have the same soft and cool feel as your favourite pair of jeans. The stonewashing gives the leather a natural patina and slight matte fading that is perfect on a stunning vintage sports watch with faded inlay and a set of Happy Beads; perfect for your summer holiday. The warmth of the Chestnut would look amazing with a gilt dial and the Pebble reminds us of those wonderful smooth old stones on the beach that have been rolling in the surf for hundreds of years!

All these straps are available as different classic buckle straps and NATO size format. We are also making these exclusive leathers available in ‘Signature’ style with either steel or brass buckles.


The Cosaro is a beautiful mid-brown leather strap with a subtle patina that is just waiting for you to pair with your gilt dialled sports watch or matte dialled Submariner for warm evenings in Tuscanny. The neat cream side stitch gives the strap a timeless elegance, as do the warm burnt edges.

B&S 'Cosaro' Vintage Medium Brown Leather Watch Strap 20 mm

B&S straps in use 307

B&S 'Signature' The Cosaro Steel Buckle Strap 20mm

The Astor

The warm wood-like nature of this leather conjures up images of vintage wine barrels that have been stored for many years in the cellar of a master wine maker; waiting to be enjoyed on your fine vintage wrist watch. This strap would look good on your choice of vintage sports watch or would give an earthy twist to a vintage Datejust.

B&S straps in use 346

B&S straps in use 347

B&S 'Astor' Vintage Medium Brown Leather Watch Strap 20 mm


This stone washed leather has an assortment of patinated shades of grey, tan and warm reds – like the pebbles on the shore of your favourite beach. This exclusive B&S leather has been stonewashed to give a slightly matte effect and depth of finish that will only get better and softer the more you wear it.

B&S washed leather 02

B&S straps in use 336

B&S straps in use 335

B&S straps in use 331

B&S straps in use 338


This charming shade will serve you well as the seasons change from one to the next. The rich brown shade is reminiscent of horse chestnuts, with warm charcoal tones running through it. Not only is this leather exclusive to Bulang & Sons, but it has been treated by being stone washed, which affords it a suppleness and durability of which we are very proud.

B&S 'Chestnut' Vintage Dark Brown Leather Strap 20 mm

B&S 'Chestnut' Vintage Dark Brown Leather Strap 20 mm

B&S 'Chestnut' Vintage Dark Brown Leather Strap 20 mm

B&S straps in use 317

B&S JP-NV-22 20mm Washed Brown B

B&S 'Signature' The Cosaro Steel Buckle Strap 20mm

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