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Bulang & Sons is an online boutique for fine watches and lifestyle articles. We buy and sell vintage Rolex, Heuer and Omega watches; we sell a wide range of products to complement your watch, like straps, watch rolls, pouches, bags, vintage sunglasses, bikes, bracelets etc. We collaborate with a select group of designers and craftsmen who passionately create most of their products by hand with respect for tradition, often in limited editions.
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Filson Bags

B&S FIL - BB-15 A

You also like Filson bags? I love them and use them every day. I love the material and the patina it get’s from wearing. Like with Rolex… every Filson tells a story.


Oskar Gydell bracelets

B&S BR-OK-10 A

Oskar Gydell bracelets are inspired by the surf and skate culture but made to fit all sorts of life styles. All bracelets are carefully hand made with only the finest material.


Heuer Monaco 1133 B

Heuer Monaco 01:13 04

We are proud to offer you this amazing blue vintage Heuer Monaco from our personal collection. Its an amazing piece with the original style bracelet, and in great condition.

Collecting lifestyle

The Game is on….

Oldschool Football home 2

Hi there, did you grow up playing football in the streets. Having fun with your friends or playing football with your dad or grandpa. Chasing a dream of becoming the next Pelé, Maradona, Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Cantona or Beckham… I am sure you will still feel…

Collecting lifestyle

London Issued Meeting 2014

London meeting 2

Another great event just passed by… i want to thank Mike Wood, Jed McCormack and Paul Maudsley for the great hospitality and organizing such great event. It was a blast.   For me personally after collecting for 8,5 years meeting the people behind the watches…


Fresh from Basel.. Tudor Snowflake

Tudor cover

Fresh from the press we got images from Ross Povey (Tudorcollector.com) and Hodinkee, which are at the Basel watch fair and had a intimate preview hosted by Tudor themselves. Thanks guys for the early inside. Keep them coming. Tudor shows that they know how to…


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