The Royal Ripstop Watch Strap - Change It

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The next big "Weave"

Overwhelmed by the success and the great feedback from the countless watch friends who now wear the first released Ripstop strap worldwide, we proudly present the next edition.

The Royal Blue execution carries the same DNA but stands out with its subtle and almost unobtrusive appearance.
All shades of blue harmonize and yet they stand out due to their different haptics and look.

Ton sur Ton.

Combining a rare, high quality vintage cotton ripstop material that has an intriguing story and an awesome aura with the ability to evolve individually.

Inspired by vintage military style but focused on serving as a blank canvas for your personal journey, our cotton ripstop watch strap proposes a truly unique look!

A Strap that tells a story.
Your Story.

Find out the full story about this strap and get to know friends and customers who have already started a story with their strap. Read more

The distressed example that is seen here was in daily (ab)use over a period of several months to see how it evolves. The strap was really pushed to its limits, and it shows! As long as you don‘t wear your strap whilst building a house with your own hands or doing heaps of dishes on the daily, it will certainly not age like this. But if you’re going for this look, you will really have to go all in!

This strap is also available without a Change It System, please follow the link

Regular 11,5 + 7,5 cm (4.53 + 2.95 in.)
Short 10,5 + 6,5 cm (4.13 + 2.56 in.)

Buckle sizes:
Lug width 20 mm = 16 mm buckle
The strap comes within a thickness : ~2,5 mm (0.098) in

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