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Smokeyjack Grey Nato Leather Watch Strap
Rolex Smokeyjack Grey Nato Leather Watch Strap
Smokeyjack Grey Nato Leather Watch Strap
Seiko Smokeyjack Grey Nato Leather Watch Strap
Omega Smokeyjack Grey Nato Leather Watch Strap
Rolex Smokeyjack Grey Nato Leather Watch Strap
Grey Nato Strap


€103,50     €85,54 EXCL. VAT


Grey Matter

With its beautiful rich and warm grey tones, the leather of this Nato watch strap evokes the charred remains of a camp fire on a damp morning out in the woods. Adventure much?!

The dark burnt effect brings a distinct character to the fine leather of this strap, providing a rustic, yet elegant frame for your watch.

Length: 25,5 cm (10.04 in.)

Equipped with a special Panerai style stainless steel buckle


Care instruction
Our leather straps are made of all-natural vegetable tanned leather. There is no chemical coating or waxing on top, which is why they are so very soft and comfortable. This natural quality also causes aging of the leather by sunlight and everyday wear. Every strap gets its own individual patina, which is something we love. Please don’t treat the leather with oil or wax as it ruins the whole nature of the strap. This also comes with a warning: avoid direct contact with water, as it may cause stains. So don’t wear your strap in the shower or when swimming and be cautious of heavy rain or perspiration. We recommend not wearing the strap in the gym.

Installation advice
Do not apply the strap with the bars fixed to your watch. We advise you to take off the spring bars, place the strap in the favoured position and then reinstall the bars to ensure that no scratches on the leather occur. If you're unsure about how to change a strap on your watch, please consult with a professional watchmaker for assistance. We are not accountable for any damage that occurs when changing the strap and we certainly don’t want you to scratch your watch. Straps that are damaged by enforced or incorrect installation cannot be returned to us.

Seems a bit loose? Here’s why
As vegetable tanned leather tends to shrink a bit when worn, all our leather watch straps are intentionally designed with a tiny bit more width to prevent them from feeling or looking too small after some wearing. When first installed with your watch, the strap might appear a bit snug – but after a while, it will stretch and fit perfectly between the lugs. For Bulang and Sons, this is a mark of quality and proof of our traditional and natural approach.