Custom Japanese Selvage Denim Tote Bag Olive Drab Edt.

€96 €79,34 Excl. VAT

The Tote Bag

The denim tote bag is designed to be your new daily companion. The shape of the tote is one of our favorite men’s bag dimensions, ideal for the office or a stop at the shops after finishing your day. The bags are all handmade by Grivec Bros. with a superior dark blue Pink Selvage Denim by the Japanese Kuroki factory and are completed by the the hand-dyed leather handles.
The inside pocket that has been sewn into is sourced form an original Vintage Jungle Shirt and numbered individually.

Measurements bag: 42,5 cm (16.7") x 39 cm (15.35") x 8,5 cm (3.35")

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