Curated 3 Leather Watch Strap Set (straps incl.)

€450 €371,90 Excl. VAT

3* of our most beloved leather watch straps – selected by either you or us – plus an exclusive taupe leather strap roll for 11 straps: 

The Curated Watch Strap Collection is a special way to enter our world of watch straps and accessories – at a special price! 
Whether you're feeling adventurous, got no time to spare or simply have trust in our taste: With our Curated Watch Strap Selection, we offer an unprecedented service to bring heaps of style and a fresh touch to your favourite watches. Here's how it works:

First, you will have to pay for the set. After confirmation, there are three options available:

a) You simply let us know the lug width(s) of your watch(es) and we select the fitting straps.

b) You send the lug width(s) and some pics of the watch(es) to us – and we select the straps we believe will bring the most style to your watch(es).

c) You select the straps* (subject to availability) yourself and send the respective links to us.

*This set includes the Strap Roll and 3 Straps (each up to 110 euro incl VAT)

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