B&S Muro Black Leather Blade Watch Strap 20 mm

B&S Muro Black Leather Blade Watch Strap 20 mm

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Lucca Collection
The Muro Black is an exclusive and limited Bulang & Sons leather and has a rich lustre and wax-like finish that is inspired by the ancient marble that is so prevalent in Lucca. Weather worn, old stone walls have an unhurried patina that we believe we have recreated in this versatile leather strap.
The strap has a cool distressed edge that we call the blade finish.

Each of our leather straps is handcrafted from leathers that have been tanned, slowly,using natural vegetable tannins and oils. It is this process that gives our leather straps their unique finish and unmistakable quality. All our straps are individually finished by hand
Due to the unique characteristics of the leather and our artisan manufacturing process, each strap is unique and may differ slightly to the one pictured.
Size: 12 + 7,5 cm
Buckle: 6 mm standard
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Product Description

The Lucca Collection

The wonderful landscape of the Tuscany and especially the city of Lucca, the people, the food, the architecture… simply the whole „Bella Vita“ is what inspired us everytime we visited the factory to work on new products.
To celebrate this longtime relation with this area and ist people we proudly introduce the Lucca Collection.
A forthgoing collection which will be from now on a manifest of our roots in the Bulang & Sons portfolio.

The products in our Lucca Collection will always be a direct mirror of our inspirational travels combined with the craftmanship of Jean Paul.
Focussing on authentic and with love created products.
One of the characteritsics of the Lucca Collection will also be special sourced leathers and materials in general.
Some of these leathers are so rare or simply impossible to reproduce that we can only do a small amount of these items. So some of these will not only be exclusive to Bulang & Sons, they might also be available for a short time only, as long as stock lasts.

At Bulang & Sons

… we believe that buying a strap for your precious watch should be an unforgettable experience. We understand how valued each timepiece is by its owner and that choosing a new strap is an important part of a watch’s journey, a new chapter in its life. The B&S strap you choose will become not only a part of the watches life, but also part of your life, as you wear it and create new memories and a chapter in your own journey, a part of your legacy. That is why we only sell the very finest quality straps, made by hand using centuries-old techniques that make each strap as unique as the treasured timepiece with which you will marry it.

Each of our leather straps is handcrafted from handpicked leathers that have been tanned, slowly, for up to eight to nine month using natural vegetable tannins and oils. It is this process that gives our leather straps their unique finish, suppleness and unmistakable quality. During the long tanning process, at no point is the process accelerated, instead the leather slowly softens in the oils and develops its unique character that makes each of our straps so special. Craftsmen then work on each strap to make the finished product. The entire pattern cutting, hole punching and stitching is done by hand and the leather worked on to make a one of a kind finished strap. We offer a large range of straps that all share one common trait – world-class quality!

Vegetable tanned and all handmade in Italy


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