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Bulang and Sons and the Grivec Bros, we're going way back.

We worked on some great projects and first of all we're friends with common spirits. I was all in raising my hand to test the new Ripstop Watch Strap once the proper samples were in. As you can see in in my portrait I'm wearing the M65-Strap from a couple of years ago and I am still a big fan of it. I loved how the strap was aging and getting worn in just like our denim do.

The new Ripstop strap has been a daily companion for the last months working in our atelier. I love how the strap already developed a nice blue fade from my daily work with raw denim.

Chevremont, The Netherlands


I bought my first "proper" Vintage watch, a 1680 Submariner at Bulang and Sons some while ago and had a nice personal chat with Bernhard back then.
Did not expected to get a chance to become a Strap tester, but here I am.

I do work as a mechanical supervisor for a rail work company.
So I guess that's why I was selected for the tough test :) I do usually wear my "Work watch " the Turtle on Nylon straps as it is quite used day in day out.
I must admit that lately I prefer my work watch with the Ripstop strap not only during work. My Submariner is getting less and less time on the wrist. I really like the look of the strap, its dirty and bit rough looks perfect for me.


Eindhoven, Netherlands




I started about 3 years ago getting into changing watch straps.
I was a bit annoyed of wearing my GMT only on the Oyster and it didn't took long finding myself on the Bulang and Sons page.

I also stumbled across the first Ripstop straps that were made in a limited edition some time ago but were not available anymore. If I'm honest, I may exchanged not less than ten emails and even some calls always asking wether they might come back. Being a pain in the ass pays off I guess as I received a message in October last year that the straps were about to release in the next months.

And I got a chance to be the first one to receive a sample, which I want to thank you guys one more time!
I have a handful of watches and by now a few handful more of straps which I can luckily call my own, but since Autumn last year it's basically only the watch that switches. My Ripstop strap remains on my wrist. I work at least 10 hours a day at my desk. As a typical IT consultant there's not much adventure in my work days.
But this little piece of Ripstop puts up a smile on my face every time I need it!

Dusseldorf, Germany