Denim Blue Retro Leather Watch Strap

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Selvage Time

The time is right to bring back this amazing leather, albeit in a thin elegant cut and with dark painted edges, a creme edge stitching and a cool vintage style heat line.
This vintage style leather has patina and destress added in an artisan way by hand or wheels.. strap by strap. Each one is different.
The patina will show on different places and give the feel of a used strap, aged in time.

Add to this the contrasting natural leather coloured keepers and the result is a handmade strap that is at once retro and totally hip! Handcrafted by Italian Artisan JPM.

Length: 12 + 7,5 cm (4.72 + 2.95 in.)

Buckle sizes:
Lug width 21/20/19/18 mm = 16 mm buckle
Lug width 22 mm = 18 mm buckle
The strap comes within a thickness : ~2,9 mm (0.11 in.)

Customer Reviews

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Amazing strap

Very well made and designed strap with the sole purpose of elevating your style! I put it on my seiko sarb037 and the highlights of light brown on the strap matches very well with the salmon dial. The tapering of the strap adds a modern style while incorporating a vintage color. Adds not only style but also comfortability! In addition, the delivery was blazing fast. Reached me in pretty much one day.

Quality Strap

Excellent quality, beautiful style, nothing else quite like it. Looks fantastic with a heritage blue diver or a pepsi. Highly recommended.

Peter Goodwin
Looks great and WOW, fast delivery!

I'm very pleased with my purchase. When the estimated delivery time was 2 days from Europe to my doorstep in the USA I was skeptical but it arrived precisely on time (pun intended). I ordered the Denim Blue Retro strap which is slightly pre-distressed from the craftsman and has quickly worn in several areas naturally adding greatly to the weathered look.

For reference I'm using it on a stainless steel TAG Heuer Professional 200M I bought new 30 years ago. This is the first time using a leather strap instead of the original SS bracelet. It's much more comfortable and lighter but not suitable for diving; which I no longer do.

Thanks team. I'm very pleased with my purchase!

Maxim Galitsin

Это уже второй такой ремешок, что я заказываю — вот настолько мне он понравился.

Bruno Bambaren
Best Strap for Faded/Ghost Bezels

Awesome vintage style strap. Love the color and brown undertones. Would give it five stars if it was of a similar color shade as in the pictures, because mine is noticeably darker, like a cloudy slate blue, as opposed to the light grey/blue from the pics. The strap runs dark but it’s worth it anyway!

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