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Navajo Edged Silver Cuff


Pueblo Black Jet Heishi Pipestone Turquoise Bracelet


Pueblo Shell And Black Jet Heishi Bracelet


Navajo Design C Silver Cuff


Navajo Design B Silver Cuff


Navajo Design A Silver Cuff


Navajo Medium Feather Silver Cuff


Native Black Rawhide Leather Bracelet


Pueblo Shell And Pipestone Bracelet


Navajo Turquoise Silver Feather Pendant


Navajo Silver Feather Pendant


Navajo Matt Silver Feather Pendant


Pueblo Turquoise And Black Jet Heishi Bracelet


Pueblo Shell And Turquoise Bracelet


Navajo Slim Silver Cuff


Navajo Slim Feather Silver Cuff


Navajo Manassa Turquoise Silver Cuff