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Time that never sleeps...

The New York Strapfest - Jubilee Edition

Our 2024 Jubilee first of all is about you.
37% of our customers are from the USA, out of which 32% come from New York, the city that never sleeps. We also did not sleep, and inspired by their one-of-a-kind lifestyle we are proud to present the New York Strapfest collection.

A famous saying is that “The true New Yorker is not someone who was born in New York, but someone who couldn't live anywhere else.” And indeed, after many great visits to New York, I agree that New York is not just a great city, it is a world on its own. It was difficult to choose out of so many themes, that could have inspired our collection. But we give it our best shot.

Yours faithfully,
Bernhard Bulang

If you've got balls

The Basketball Watch Strap - Horween Leather

A Slam Dunk on Your wrist!

Crafted from authentic Horween leather, renowned for its unbeatable quality and durability, this strap is a tribute to the game that inspires millions.

It doesn´t build character. It reveals it.

The Strap that never sleeps