St. Émilion Bordeaux Leather Watch Strap

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Special Glow

Inspired by the beautiful ancient village in the heart of the Bordeaux country, this leather watch strap has the fascinating deep dark glow of the most prized French red wines.

The St. Émilion strap is handmade in Italy from the finest leather and unites many features of the Joie de Vivre Collection: an extra thin cut quality and shape, our signature brushed metal buckle and intricate heat lines next to the tonal stitching for that certain je ne sais quoi. 

The dark shades of red of the naturally tanned leather with a satin matte finish provide a down-to-earth elegance as well as a super soft and gentle feeling on your wrist.

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Regular Length: 12 + 7 cm (4.72 + 2.76 in.)
Lug width 20mm = 16 mm buckle
2,3 mm thickness

Deep Dark Glow

„It doesn’t get much better than having a glass of Bordeaux right where it’s made. The full body and richness of tones of such great wine, every sip opening up a new, complex facet in the rich palette of elegant, smooth tastes. Just like this strap, which slightly changes tones with your every move.“

Bernhard Bulang

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Campo
Rick wine red strap

Goes with many types of watches, upgrades the watch look on wrist. Great strap beautiful patina when aged.

Kenneth Li

St. Émilion Bordeaux Leather Watch Strap

Another winner strap

Super soft & gentle feel on the wrist when you first wear the strap. It is like a fine red wine, the colour, texture & softness of the leather ages with wear. The slightly rounded design adds that vintage look to any modern watch.
The brushed steel buckle adds an elegant touch to the sole strap.
Another winner strap from the house of Bulang

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