Le Marais Brown Leather Watch Strap

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Organically Grown

An organically grown hub of street style and haute couture, Le Marais stands out among Paris’ quartiers – a direct inspiration for our leather watch strap of the same name.

The Le Marais strap is handmade in Italy from finest leather and unites all features of the Joie de Vivre Collection: an extra thin cut quality and shape, our signature brushed metal buckle, intricate heat lines next to the subtle stitching and painted edges for that certain je ne sais quoi.

The extraordinary quality of the naturally tanned leather exhibits an almost suede-like feel. Its deep brown material is made complete by lighter tones, ideal for many watches.

Read the full article The Joie de Vivre Collection - Doing What Comes Naturally here.

Regular Length: 12 + 7 cm (4.72 + 2.76 in.)

Lug width 20mm = 16 mm buckle
The strap comes within a thickness : ~2,4 mm (0.094 in.)
It's that good!

„Most urban centers have become very uniform. But an area like Le Marais offers something else – that pleasant friction which makes things interesting and inspirational. Just what we aimed for with this strap: The leather has a refined shape and details, but also a rugged structure which really needs to be felt, it’s that good!“

Bernhard Bulang

Customer Reviews

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Aymeric de Boisboissel

With Le Marais Brown Rough Suede Strap, this is definitely the best version my watch can be. We go from brown to mustard yellow or tangier yellow shades. Guaranteed emotions!

Bao Ho

Le Marais Brown Leather Watch Strap

Street Style Elegance

I can see the Parisian street style truly embedded in the design & construct of this beautiful leather strap. The leather is refined yet the rugged texture of the leather gives that mixture of street style yet an elegant look. You really need to put this strap on & feel it. The leather is like it is already broken in like an old shoe so comfortable so easy to wear & match with your watches

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