Beads Of Rice Full Polish Straight End Link Steel Watch Bracelet

€150 €123,97 Excl. VAT

Steel Style

This high-end stainless steel bracelet carries an intricate pattern of polished beads on prominent straight end links and is fastened with a matte steel buckle. Its look was inspired by vintage bracelets produced in the 1940s and 50s for Swiss brands like Rolex or Patek Philippe – designs that have proven to match with a great number of classic watches. Please measure the exact lug width of your watch with a professional tool before ordering. Scroll down for more details.

Short: adjustable from approx. 11 - 13 cm (4.33 - 5.12 in.)
Regular: adjustable from approx. 14 - 15.5 cm (5.5 - 6.1 in.)
Long: adjustable from approx. 16 - 17.5 cm (6.29 - 6.89 in.)

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