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Article: Vintage Heuer Carrera 2447N Love

Vintage Heuer Carrera 2447N Love

Vintage Heuer Carrera 2447N Love

Dear watch lovers, today i want to share with you a bit of my passion about the vintage Heuer Carrera 2447N. One of the great classic 60th chronograph designs. And just like the vintage Rolex Daytona still a timeless beauty. For me they share more then just that.

B&S strap in use 05

The early Carrera with an black dial was on my wish list for a while now. But they get hard to find these days. And certainly in a nice condition. As prices went up over the years it was always kind of an inner struggle. Should i pay so much for an Heuer? Same thought was just before i bought the blue vintage Heuer Monaco. But as the chance of an good deal came by i could not resist and bought this 2 register black dial version in a flash at an watch show.

And let’s be honest… how different is it from a vintage 6239 Daytona?

The looks are almost identical. These Heuer’s show all the syle from those 60th chrono’s. Sport watches. They are just very cool. A lot of racing drivers have been wearing them. As Heuer is connected to vintage Racing. Which adds a different flair then Rolex. But not less exciting.

Their dials both come from Singer, the movement both come from Valjoux. Even the style of registers are the same.



I will not talk to deep about all details like movements and variations in this article. And Hodinkee did a nice article on the history of the watch.

>>>Hodinkee article

So here is a bit of different flavor from me. I added a cool nato strap to the watch. Of course most people wear them on a Heuer leather strap with racing holes. Looks great. But i prefer to wear it on a nato. As it makes it bigger and more tool watch. First images are a bit funky 😉

BS-W-HEUER 10 14

BS-W-HEUER 10 07


See how the classic design matches the timeless style.
Sure all that color might be a bit much for most people 😉

The plexi was crackled when i bought it. I just added a new plexi and a less colorful nato. And now its perfect. One of my watches which got most wrist time the last 2 month.

BS-W-HEUER 10 10

heuer Carrera

And here are some of the other dial variations.







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