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Article: The Unique Tudor Heritage Black Bay ONE Reference 7923/001

The Unique Tudor Heritage Black Bay ONE Reference 7923/001

The Unique Tudor Heritage Black Bay ONE Reference 7923/001

We are excited to be able to share with you, some of the first images of the unique Tudor Heritage Black Bay ONE Reference 7923/001 which will be sold for a charitable cause in November by Phillips Watches at the Only Watch 2015 auction.

At Bulang & Sons we are very passionate about vintage Submariners and Tudor’s landmark decision to create a unique watch, for the auction, was an exciting development.

Tudor was always (and still is) the experimental Wilsdorf brand and this was particularly seen in the development of the Submariners. Let us not forget hat Tudor developed the first submariner to be waterproof to a depth of 200 meters, before its older brother.


Photo by @collezione090

Tudor was also the responsible for the only manual-wind Submariner to make it past prototype stage and into production. The model 7923 was only produced in very small numbers and has a mythical status amongst vintage Sub collectors. You can clearly see the inspiration for the Black Bay ONE in the above photo of an original vintage 7923 – including the lollipop seconds hand, red depth rating and insert.


Photo by @collezione090


Photo by @collezione090

Tudor_Only_Watch_15 kopie

I am a big fan of the straight end link bracelets of the 1950s and wear them on my 50s Tudor Oyster watches. First seen on the Heritage Ranger, I think that this inclusion on the Black Bay ONE is a classy touch!


To us, this is the perfect modern Submariner; maybe for for all vintage lovers and reminds us of the amazing red depth vintage Big Crowns we have seen over the years.

The auction is for a very good cause – Duchenne muscular dystrophy – and I am certain it will draw bids from some of the biggest buyers at the Phillips sale on November 7th 2015. We have witnessed some remarkable auction results, over the past few months, for rare examples of vintage Rolex watches. The Black Bay ONE is, however, more than rare – it’s unique. This is a new benchmark for collectors and I would not be surprised if this watch sells for in excess of 300,000 Euros!

It seems that this interesting reference’s reincarnation over sixty years later will be legendary too…

Tudor_Only_Watch_16 kopie


Tudor_Only_Watch_11 kopie

Tudor_Only_Watch_4 kopie

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