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Article: The Rolex Passion Meeting 2015

Rolex Passion Meeting 2015

The Rolex Passion Meeting 2015

Seven years ago Philipp Stahl and i started to organize the annual Rolex Passion Meeting, the most unique meeting for vintage Rolex collectors in the world.
On invitation only and only room for a group of about 40 people. This meeting is all about trust, friendship, sharing, crazy watches, but most important its all about the people behind the watches.

We are so proud to be able to hold these events and have friends fly in from all over the world to join us and celebrate our passion together.
The trust and deep respect shown during these 3 days is the biggest value. Far beyond the value in the watch boxes.

Again we want to just thank you so much you made this event so spacial!


Bernhard Bulang

The Vintage Rolex Passion Meeting 2015

The 2015 edition of the legendary Rolex Passion meeting was another amazing instalment of our annual get together. We were joined by passionate collectors of vintage Rolex and Tudor watches from as far afield as Japan, Indonesia, USA, Italy, UK, France, Australia and just about every other country you could name! We started on Friday in the B&S Lounge..

Back to Roots

After the last two years of meetings in Amsterdam, this year the event returned to the incredible chateau in Maastricht where we have so many great memories of previous gatherings. The wonderful surroundings and fantastic weather were the perfect setting for everybody to enjoy relaxed talks and great food in the grounds of the chateau in the afternoon sun.

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 119

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 174

Let’s Get Together

In the evening we gathered in one of the large dining rooms for a four course dinner with matched wines, where the conversations flowed and people continued enjoying their watches and discussing the passionate approach we all share to collecting and chasing beautiful vintage watches. What was evident this year was the high quality of the watches that were brought along for us to share and enjoy. There were ultra rare pieces along side perfect examples of not so rare watches…each enjoyed for its special link with its owner – true passion.

B&S Emaile Cup 02

Eclectic Collections

As ever we had a fascinating mix of watches and collections. There were over twenty Rolex MilSubs present and an equal number of Comex Submariners and Seadwellers. Vintage Big Crowns, ‘Paul Newman’ Daytonas, Tudor MN (and other MilSubs), Explorers…actually, pretty much every area of vintage Rolex and Tudor watch was covered by our passionate group of collectors.

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 83

Mutual Appreciation

What we find so enjoyable about Passion Meetings is the appreciation for all pieces, regardless of rarity or value. Collectors can equally enjoy a unique, highly valuable Big Crown Submariner alongside a beautiful pink gold 1950s Day Date; each one receiving the same amount of love! It is this unique approach that makes the invite to a Passion Meeting so special. No egos, no boasting, no showing off (OK – just a little sometimes) but a genuine passion for beautiful vintage watches shared amongst a group of good friends.

Please enjoy our pictures from the event…

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 10

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 04

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 07

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 06

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 22

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 02

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 18

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 99

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 98

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 70






B&S Rolex Passion 2015 159

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 157

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 155

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 153

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 152

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 151

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 150

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 149

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 174

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B&S Rolex Passion 2015 83

B&S Rolex Passion 2015 81


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