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Article: 'Cool Customers' - @heuerautavia

'Cool Customers' - @heuerautavia

'Cool Customers' - @heuerautavia

The world of Instagram has changed the watch world in many ways – both good and bad depending on your viewpoint! The often quite insular world of vintage collecting, in particular, has exploded into the consciousness of both fanciers of the finer things in life and also the cash rich investors whose eyes have been averted from fine wines and vintage automobiles. Many Instagram feeds are now a glimpse into the collections and lifestyles of passionate watch lovers, where new and old acquisitions are shared and commented upon by followers and friends. In some ways ‘Insta’ has replaced the more traditional watch forums as a community for people to share their watches and knowledge…and lets face it – it was always about the pictures anyway! Here we look at one such account which we love: ‘Cool Customers’ – @heuerautavia…




It is always very exciting for us to see our products in clients’ pictures on social media channels. The way that our watches, straps and other products translate into other peoples’ lives is one of the most intriguing and satisfying aspects of doing what we do. One of our favourite client feeds is that of Greg who goes by the name @heuerautavia on Instagram. Not only does he have exquisite taste in straps (well of course he does, he buys them from us!) but he also boasts an incredible watch collection which he captures using his equally brilliant photography skills…what’s not to love!



As his ‘handle’ would suggest, he has a lot of love for Heuer chronographs. He has some very nice Autavias and Carreras but doesn’t just stick with the Heuer theme, there are also some very classy appearances by Rolex and particularly Omega.

Follow Greg > @heuerautavia for much more great images




Do you like Omega Seamasters? Look no further…





Rolex Love…



The Bulang & Sons family is truly a pan-global concern and it is something that we will be celebrating over the coming months. Please remember to include the #bulangandsons in your posts and lets share the love!

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