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Article: Bulang and Sons Merry Wristmas

Bulang and Sons Merry Wristmas

Bulang and Sons Merry Wristmas

It’s that time of year again and an opportunity for us to share with you what we and our friends will be wearing on the big day this year!

We hope you enjoy choosing your special watch to wear on the 25th – and so we present the Bulang and Sons ‘Merry Wristmas’ celebration!

Bernhard Bulang

I love how east to wear this watch is, with its first series dial. And there’s something special about a Patek!

Wulf Schuetz

The reason why I choose this gold Killy is because it’s not too “dressy” but also not too “sporty”. It’s an elegant piece in a warm colour that’s not too conservative, but appropriate for those special days.

Danny Kuijpers

I’m going to wear this 18039, for no other reason than that I really like white gold and Day Dates. A bit dressier then my normal every day watches, my all time fav, Submariner!

Giacomo Castelli

I love this simple oversize Omega dress watch…perfect for Christmas day!

Florian “Cayenne1200”

The Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar 25554ST will be my choice for Christmas. For me this watch is the most spectacular “vintage“ addition to my collection in 2018.

Ross Povey

My first and maybe my most special Rolex – I always go for this for high days and holidays!

Alexander Friedman

This Christmas I will have my 1977 Submariner 1680 on the wrist. I received it from the person I love and to wear it while celebrating will make me happy! Wishing you all the very best for 2019!

Peter “Ex_Omega”

I love yellow gold at Christmas – my Rolex Daytona 6265/8!

Paul Russell

This Christmas day I will be wearing my first Rolex, bought on a whim from an eBay listing with terrible photos. It transpired that I was the only bidder as it was a local holiday! I arranged to collect from the daughter of the first owner who lived very close to my home. This would be my one watch if it came to it.


This Christmas…baubles of course!


Every day is MilSub day for me!

Paul Maudsley

On Christmas Day this year I’ll be wearing my Pre-Daytona. It’s a watch that’s been through 60 Christmas days already and 8 of them with me and still feels super smart to wear on such a special family occasion!

Paul Scurfield

I will be in saturation this Christmas day…I’m working on a project in the North Sea. I’ll be wearing my Bell Diver 1…the perfect Yule Tool!

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