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Article: Wristmas Time with B&S

Wristmas Time with B&S

Wristmas Time with B&S

It’s that most wonderful time of the year…

Christmas Day is nearly upon us and this year we asked some of our friends to tell us what watch they will be wearing on the 25th this year.

And what an amazing selection we got – vintage Rolex Submariners, a fresh to market Comex Seadweller and Military Submariner and a mint Tudor Homeplate just to name a few!

And so, ladies and gentlemen – the Bulang & Sons 13 Wrists of Christmas…

Alexander Friedman

My choice is the Rolex 6238 Pre Daytona! Because it’s my lucky watch and it reminds me good family memories. My father gave me that watch many years ago. And honestly to prepare the Xmas Turkey it’s quite classy…isn’t it? Merry Christmas to all of you!”


Paul Maudsley

“I’ve long had an obsession with chronographs and have collected many unusual variations, by makers such as Rolex, Omega and Longines. This Doxa though, is one of my favourites, with its stunning black and silver dial and 38mm case. It has a wonderful presence on the wrist.”

P Maudsley

Grahame Fowler

“Dreaming of a white Xmas out at my house in the country, but looks like its gonna be a warm one, it’s already 65 degrees plus this week. So, I might be riding a Lambretta in a T shirt on Christmas Day – global warming I guess? LOL”

G Fowler

Christopher Beccan

“Last week the gents over at Bulang & Sons ask me if I would be kind enough to let them know what timepiece I will be wearing on Christmas day and why? Strangely enough, it was an easy choice – My 1971 Rolex Datejust ref. 1603 with matte black dial. First off the Datejust is one of Rolex’s most iconic timepieces and it’s a timepiece they’ve producing for many, many years before any other serially produced wristwatch from their range. But why have I chosen this piece? The Datejust is a very simple, humble, timepiece that doesn’t attract too much attention and this is why I’ll be wearing it on Christmas day. Christmas isn’t about how many presents you do or don’t get but more about spending time with your family, eating good food and enjoying each other’s company, which in turn is a very simple gift but one that is very gratifying indeed – Merry Christmas!”

C Beccan

Paul Scurfied

“I spotted this Patek on eBay and won it for less than I’d imagined! Some time later I was invited to an evening with Patek Phillipe and I got talking to Mark Hearn, the Director of Patek UK. I showed him this watch and he was shocked and claimed this particular version had never been for sale to the public, but had been made as a special order for one of their best clients in the Middle East. He offered to personally look after it if it ever needed any work. Last year the watch stopped so I sent it to Mark and it was given a complimentary service and I was also given an extract from the Patek Phillipe Archive! It’s a very special watch too me!”

P Scurfield

Ross Povey

“Christmas Day for me is a simple day of spending time with the family and enjoying being together and celebrating family life. This year I was 40 and treated myself to a watch that I’d been searching for for many years – a gilt dial Explorer. I like this watch, as it’s a watch akin to the one that started my passion journey – my Air King 5500. I love the simple and classic styling of these watches…a love that has grown into my obsession with interesting dialled Oysters form the 50s and 60s.”


Giacomo Castelli

“I love the classic simplicity of this early Datejust and it looks amazing on this saffiano leather strap”.


Bernhard Bulang

“I’ll be wearing my new Patek Phillipe Nautilus this Christmas Day. For me this watch has an emotional connection as I bought it to reward myself for all the hard work over the past few years. I have more valuable watches than this one, but my respect for the PP brand and the quality of the watch fill me with awe each time I put it only wrist.”


Jerome Fellous

“At the time this watch was made (the 70s) everything was permitted..or almost anything! I am a man who projects myself non-stop to the future and at the same time, I feel really linked in the past. I think that this chrono is a hyphen between what we have all known and what awaits us. Its The Perfect watch for this special day and for the weeks after.”


Philipp Stahl

“I will be wearing my Big Crown – my Santa Red Nose! 😉 ”

P Stahl


“For this Christmas i am going to wear two watches…’double-wristing’ that is! Since I’m on a plane en route to my vacation, on Christmas Eve I will wear a vintage Rolex GMT Master 1675. Then for chilling at the beach the Tudor Black Bay on its nato strap. I might smuggle a Rolex 5513 with me on holiday too, because i can’t really chill without my favourite reference!”

Danny Wrist 2 Danny Wrist 1

Eric Ku

“Wearing this watch over Christmas because it’s both modern and vintage at the same time. Lots of running around and cooking etc, so the durability of the sapphire crystal satisfies the practicality while the matte dial satisfies my craving for something vintage.”

Eric Ku

Andrew ‘Jed’ McCormack

My favourite pick up of the year , and by far the hardest watch to find from the last decade of looking .. The A/6538 is a Milsub , a big crown , a prototype , a bespoke piece and with a great story all rolled into one good looking and wearable watch .


A Merry Wrist-mas to You…

Please join in with us and share your Christmas wrist shots on Instagram by using the hashtag ‘bulangwristmas’ and we’ll share our favourites.

Merry Christmas from Team Bulang

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