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Article: Travel in Style

Travel in Style

Travel in Style

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” (Anon)

The above quote perfectly sums up the adventure of travelling and the enriching effect it can have on our lives. Whether you are travelling for work (i.e. because you have to) or for pleasure (i.e. because you want to) it is always exciting planning your trip, packing for it and finally embarking on the first step of your latest jaunt.

Travel has always had an air of glamour, especially the early days of commercial air travel when people made an effort and ‘dressed for the occasion’. Whether you are traveling across Europe on the Orient Express or flying to New York; taking a cruise around the Caribbean or driving along the Amalfi coast – we have you covered when it comes to stylish accessories for the modern day traveller…we will help you travel in style.

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At Bulang & Sons we offer an unrivaled curated selection of vintage, classic and timeless pieces that can accompany you on your next adventure. Classic vintage watches, bags, leather accessories and travel tools are all carefully selected and offered to you in our boutique.

Rolex GMT Master ‘Radial Dial’ 1675

When it comes to travel, there is no more appropriate sports watch than the Rolex GMT Master. Designed collaboratively with Pan-Am airline pilots in the 1950’s, the watch enables the wearer to track two time zones using the bi-directional bezel and 24hr hand. The 1675s are the second watch in the GMT Master series (following the 6542) and were introduced in around 1960. The current example features a beautiful matte dial with hour markers that are placed closer to the centre of the dial than other 1675s, hence the nickname ‘Radial Dial’.

To make this watch even more desirable, we are offering it as part of a curated package with a NOS Pan-Am travel bag.

B&S Travel in Style 03

Wherever you are travelling, with this watch on your wrist you will be looking cool in two time zones!

Neat Navigation

In the modern world, we all rely on our sat nav machines or use Google Maps on our iPhones. But before the marvels of satellite communications and tracking, explorers and adventurers had to find their way using less technical means, but methods that will still work today…if the grid ever went down!

When planning your around the world trip, what better way than with a vintage globe…you’ll have the whole world at your finger tips and it’ll look so cool on your desk in the study or office.

Plotting your course is import and and key to this is a compass. Don’t lose your direction – stay on course.

B&S Travel in Style 04

Travel Tools

We love the opportunity to mix and match our straps with the vibe of the day or the chosen outfit for the evening. For quick changes, there is no better solution than our travel size strap-changing tool, housed in its hand made leather pouch. Pop the spring bar out with one end of the tool and push it back into place with the other – easy!

For wilderness adventures, you need to be prepared for all eventualities and the most essential piece of kit is possibly your knife. We have some beautiful Otter knives in our boutique. Made in small numbers by hand in Germany, the small team at Otter-Messer is knowledgeable and passionate about the knives they make.
B&S Travel in Style 05

In The Bag

When you have spent so long planning your wardrobe, you don’t want to just throw it in any old bag. We have a selection of bags that will suit every occasion, including new bags from Filson and some vintage LV Keepall travel bags.
B&S Travel in Style 06

On The Bag

Accessorise your bag with one of our handmade leather luggage tags. Crafted out of the same vegetable tanned leathers that we use to make our straps, they are available in three colours to match to your favourite bag or watchstrap combo.
B&S Travel in Style 07

Luxury Leather

When travelling with more than watch, keep your timepieces safe in one of new two watch slider boxes. Combining a stylish aesthetic with a practical solution, these storage and travel cases are handmade out of selected B&S signature leathers that will take on patina and develop their own character over the years that you use it.

B&S Travel in Style 08
The last thing we do before relaxing for the evening, is remove the loose change from our pockets, take out our cufflinks from our shirt and put it, alongside a set of keys, on the bedside table. Keep things neat and tidy by placing your daily essentials into one of our leather valet trays. They are easy to include in your travel bag and can be used at home or away.

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