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Article: Bulang and Sons 'Wristmas' Time...

Bulang and Sons 'Wristmas' Time...

Bulang and Sons 'Wristmas' Time...

It’s that time of year again and an opportunity for us to share with you what our friends will be wearing over the holidays.

Yet again we have a wonderful selection of different brands including some stunning chronographs, Submariners and dress watches.

We hope you enjoy choosing your special watch to wear on the 25th – and so we present the 13 days of Wristmas…B&S Style.

Devlev Weers


This Longines 13zn fly back chrono with twotone “fab Suisse” dial on Gay Freres bracelet is my xmas day choice cause it’s simply the most bad ass chronograph there is bar none 😉

Jason Springer


This watch is often the first I think of when I want a special watch for an important day. It satisfies my need for aesthetic,condition, rarity as well as comfort on the wrist. It makes me smile each time I look at it and I do so over and over again.

Paul Maudsley


For Christmas 2016 I will be wearing my 1940s ‘Clamshell Case’ chronograph. I love the contrasting colours of the dial but mainly for the reason a good chrono is a necessity for timing the Turkey in the oven ?

Philipp Stahl


Because it’s unreal!

Glenn Mariconda


1943 Longines 13zn chronograph. Tre-tacche, screw back reference 4974, batch 22184, originally shipped to Italy. 37.5mm waterproof case, and in its Untouched, original configuration with Longines archive confirmation papers. Amazing tri-color patina on the dial. Changes look under different light. Wearing on a NOS 1950s Longines straight end bracelet.

Mike Wood


There’s not much that is less Christmassy than a miliSub, but this year I’ve decorated a full-spec 5517 with a festive fabric strap which I’ll wear when I go out in my pony-powered red sleigh delivering presents to friends and family! Seasons greetings! Ho Ho Ho!

Mr P a.k.a. ‘1665collector’


This is what Bond would wear for Christmas, so will I…

Alexander Friedman


This is an amazing timepiece! The movement is simply spectacular. I love the dial and particularly the back with the double barel! So sexy! It will be on my wrist on Xmas!

Roberto Randazzo a.k.a. ‘Jatucka’


Dear friends, this will be not such original, nor surprising, and maybe it will let down some of you, but this will be my Christmas watch. I’m wearing this watch for a bit more than four years now. In the last four years it has been with me on hard days and on successful days, on lonely days and on joyful days. I do love it because is so basic, so essential, but still so graceful and stylish. And on top of all, i still think that it is my “lucky watch” ?
Best wishes to all of you for a peaceful and holy Christmas, and for a great, astonishing New Year.

Danny Kuijpers


I picked this 1957 pink gold Day-Date because I rarely wear gold and Christmas seems like an oppertunity to do so! The condition is pretty awesome and it looks great on the expanding Oyster bracelet. I really do prefer Oyster over jubilee or president bracelets, it makes a Day-Date just a bit cooler in my opinion.

Jerome Fellous


It’s now or never!

Eric Ku


I’ll be wearing a blue sweater so why not go matchy matchy and wear my Lapis Datejust?



Tudor LHD 52 in memory of my old friend Marci52

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