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Article: Reference and Inspiration: Lightning Magazines at Bulang and Sons

Reference and Inspiration: Lightning Magazines at Bulang and Sons

Reference and Inspiration: Lightning Magazines at Bulang and Sons

It is no secret that at Bulang and Sons, we have a lot of love for the beautiful things in life – and we’re happy to share this love! That is why we have decided to stock a selection of the sensational magazines from Japanese publication house Lightning in our online store.

It is often lamented that the rise of online media equals the decline of printed products. But recently we can’t help but wonder if that is really the case. Sure, the daily paper is often read on a device these days. But bookstores are pushing new releases every day, and each time we pass a newsstand, there is another handful of glossy magazines on display.

The secret of the ongoing success of printed products such as these is as simple as it is hard to achieve: quality. Most mags these days find their audience by providing a certain level of craftsmanship in their presentation, often combined with an experienced eye for detail and a carefully chosen niche topic. Enter the Japanese publication house Lightning.

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Timeless and Collectible

The works from Lightning are born more of fandom than of old-school journalism and thus they become more coffee table books than magazines and more timeless reference works than mere temporary issues to flip through and forget. By applying that famous Japanese dedication to these stunning magazines, they create collectible works of art themselves.

Of course it has to be said at this point that these magazines are written in Japanese only, with mostly only headlines and product names printed in English type. But if you’re really interested in the subject matter at hand, you will still want to look at each and every page of these publications, for they are crafted with love and photographed with the utmost care.

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Spectacular and Inspirational

Whether it is the rarest sneaker models from great brands such as Nike or New Balance, the most prized watches from Rolex to Seiko, exclusive stock and custom cars from all decades or a thorough selection of original military jackets from the last century – these magazines really show things you won’t see anywhere else in a most sophisticated way.

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Lightning works only with the most hard-core collectors from Japan and abroad to assemble a range of truly spectacular pieces for each issue they publish. We here at Bulang and Sons have grown fond of these tomes, going through the pages for reference as much as for inspiration, for work as much as for leisure. And we hope you will, too!

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