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Article: The Making of the New B&S Shoot

The Making of the New B&S Shoot

The Making of the New B&S Shoot

As you might have seen we changed the website a bit. And next to some new structure and a bigger room for the B&S Magazine (much more to come) it was also time to do the new B&S image shoot for 2014/15.

I am happy to share with you some of the images of the making of the new B&S shoot. It was such an exciting shoot as we tried to put it to the next level. So much fun to create the concepts for the shoot together with the great team we worked together with already at the first shoot.

As you can see this time for us it was important to add up more to our theme ‘Essentials for Urban Survival’. Essentials that will follow your route and add up to your story. The story of an modern urban guy… choosing his path and passions.

Again i want to use the opportunity to thank Rob Truijen, Ellen Truijen and Sanne Koolen for the great work. For taking care of the shoot, the styling, the scouting of locations and models. Its not only a great fun to work together but also a great result. We are proud about.

Also we want to thank the companies who helped us with their products. Tenue de Nimes and Redwing Store in Amsterdam. And Mayfair in Maastricht. Big, big thanks for your contribution.

Also the models Jente and Anna really did a great job. We started in Antwerpen in an cool appartement. Real great place with amazing details.

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 02

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 01 B&S G27A0473 LOW RES 01

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 48

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 46

Processed with VSCOcam with p7 preset

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 39

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

B&S G27A0442 LOW RES 09

B&S G27A1180 LOW RES 12

It was a long great day. With many cool images. Soon to see.. The next day we started at the hotel to get the next set of scenes done. First we had to set up the stage.

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 10

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 12

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 13

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 44

Processed with VSCOcam with p8 preset
We love the result!!!

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 60

B&S G27A1896 k LOW RES 10

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 61
Another amazing location Rob found ….

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 30

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 29

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 31
Some amazing bike and boots…

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 27

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 28

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 26

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 17

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 20

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 18
Thanks Jente,…

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 19

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 38

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 43

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

B&S shoot 9:14 Making 63

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
Thanks again for all the great energy and adding to the Bulang & Sons brand.

Bernhard Bulang

Bulang & Sons / Rob Truijen,Bureau Caramel

Art direction / Photography
Rob Truijen / Bureau Caramel

Styling / Production
Ellen Truijen

Production / Styling
Sanne Koolen

Male model
Jente van der Velden

Female model
Anna Salden

Special thanks to:

Menno and Rene from Tenue de Nimes
Michael from the Redwing Store in Amsterdam
Philippe and debora from Mayfair Maastricht
Catharina from Haas op het Vrijthof
Niels for his appartment
Ivo for his motorcycle

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