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Article: Cool straps on chronographs > part 1

Cool straps on chronographs >  part 1

Cool straps on chronographs > part 1

As you might know i love to wear my watches on leather nato straps. And for sure the Speedmaster looks so cool on a leather nato or buckle strap. But for now and then i love to switch to an different loo – cool metal straps on chronographs.

So today i want to show you some nice style that might not been so widely known for most people. Of course most Speedmaster lovers will have seen it. It’s an funky style. But not only that. It was even worn in space like that.
We might all know that the Omega Speedmaster was worn on the trip to the moon. And the first watch on the moon. And most of us know the image of the Speedmaster worn on an nylon strap to fit over the the space suite.


But maybe it wasn’t just only me who was less common with the look of the Speedmaster with an steel JB Champions bracelet. And the fact that also astronauts have been wearing their Speedmaster’s on these kind of straps into space. Like Neil Armstrong etc..






There are different variations of that strap. The first one has the mesh structure on the outside. Like on this early and rarer 105.002 Speedmaster from 1962.





And i just bought 2 NOS bracelets. Which have the straight links at the outside and the mesh inside.
As seen on my 105.003 from 1965

B&S Speed chrono 03

B&S Speed chrono 02

B&S Speed chrono 01

But there are more variations. For me the straight end links looks so cool with these early speedmasters. That what i like most about it.

That is the fun in wearing vintage and modern watches. Mix and match with bracelets and straps.
For once in a while it’s great to leap back in time and wear them like the guys in the 60th.

Have fun!

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