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Article: B&S Winter Collections 2015/16

B&S Winter Collections 2015/16

B&S Winter Collections 2015/16

Autumn is here and winter is just around the corner and today we are launching three new strap collections for you to enjoy on your favourite watches.

We offer these straps in limited quantities and some will be short runs – so make sure you place your order before they sell out!

As ever, all our straps are hand made by our craftsmen in Italy from only the finest hand selected leathers.

We are also proud to show you some of our new images… again made with our great team of Rob Truijen, Ellen Truijen, Mayfair Maastricht and our cool model Samefko.
B&S G27A4524 LOW RES

B&S G27A7720 LOW RES

B&S Winter 2015 IMAGE 04

Urban Instinct

Urban Instinct takes its inspiration from classic and timeless design that we see around us every day. Our adventures take place in all aspects of our lives and our Essentials for Urban Survival are here to accompany you and become part of your story…your legacy. Our cities and towns are growing and spawning movements that are inspired by arts and culture.


B&S G27A4757 LOW RES
Cool greys, accented with warm tone stitching and tone-on-tone palettes are a key feature of our new Urban Instinct collection.
B&S G27A7712 LOW RES

B&S Winter 2015 IMAGE 05

B&S Winter 2015 IMAGE 03

B&S Urban Inst. Style 34

B&S Winter 2015 Style 1 D

B&S Winter2015 Style 01 A

B&S Winter 2015 Style 1 A
In the winter collection we also added some amazing 100% cashmere scarfs and all handmade leather luggage tags. Also our new watch rolls are a perfect match for this lifestyle.

B&S Winter 2015 IMAGE 06

B&S Banner in Article 01

The Icarus Collection

Icarus was an ancient Greek mythical character, the son of master craftsman Daedalus. King Minos of Crete commissioned Daedalus to build him the Labyrinth to imprison the mighty Minotaur. Daedalus helped King Minos’s enemy, Theseus, survive the Labyrinth and kill the Minotaur and was himself imprisoned in the Labyrinth. To aid his son’s escape from Crete and King Minos, Daedalus built a set of wings for Icarus to wear and fly away to safety. Icarus was warned not to fly too close to the sun, but he did and his wings were scorched and he fell to his death.

B&S G27A4162 LOW RES

B&S G27A4203 LOW RES

The Icarus collection features straps inspired by this story of legend – the heat and warmth of the sun, the power of the King’s Minotaur and Icarus’s burnt wings.

These straps range from deep warm vibrant reds akin to the sun to burnt orangey reds and vintage browns. The collection features a mixture of classical stitching and rough finishes which make the Icarus collection a fusion of elegant and refined straps combined with pieces featuring dramatic elements of an almost scorched patina.
B&S G27A7741 LOW RES

B&S Winter 2015 IMAGE 12

B&S G27A4567 LOW RES

B&S Icarus Style 12

B&S G27A4460 LOW RES

B&S Banner in Article 02

The Moorland Collection

Inspired by the British countryside and the adventures that can be found amongst the moorlands in these autumnal months. The sound of a vintage Land Rover Defender, the feel of the well-worn stock of an English made shotgun. The warmth of your bespoke tweed jacket, the smell of the damp earth and heather. The eerie mists rolling through the valleys, the tang of the aged single malt whisky as you take a nip from your antique hip flask.
The Moorland collection is a collection of straps featuring the colours that we see around us when at one with nature – greens and brown – and the tones found in vintage camouflage patterns.

B&S G27A7755 LOW RES


B&S Winter 2015 IMAGE 10

B&S Winter 2015 IMAGE 02

We are also officially launching our new unique strap design – The Blade. A new concept for this season, with a special edge profile inspired by antique hunting knives.

B&S Winter Moorland collection 05

B&S Winter Moorland collection 06

B&S Banner in Article 03


Thanks to the team:

Bulang & Sons
Rob Truijen, Bureau Caramel

Photography and Styling
Rob Truijen / Bureau Caramel
Ellen Truijen

Male Model
Samefko Ludidi

Special thanks to:
Philippe and Deborah from Mayfair Maastricht

Please enjoy our B&S Winter Collections

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