Rolex 5513 Mk1 Maxi Dial Submariner (Sold)

About this fine watch

We at Bulang & Sons are the biggest fans of vintage Rolex Maxi Mk1 dial watches like the reference 5513 or 5512 Submariner. All the classic design in its shear simplicity. But with the Maxi mk1 indexes of the dial it just pops in your yes. Put a #19 super domed plexi on top and you will enjoy pure sex on the wrist.


In the last years i have bought every 5513 Mk1 Maxi i could get. they are hard to find. Because they are just the coolest dial design you can get in that range. End of th 70th Rolex choose to use bigger indexes on theur watches. Big fat tritium dots. It is used in the same period when Rolex also delivered military submariners to the British SBS. Maybe they needed the bigger indexes and Rolex requested a wider batch for civilian use. As the reference 5517 has a Maxi dial version.

The Mk1 version was also used in the 5512 which is even rarer. And also the late 70th Submariner 1680 uses these indexes. Which are very dominant.


I know there are many other Maxi versions named over the years. But for me this is the true one..

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Model Ref.

5513 Submariner



Dial type

Maxi Mk1 matte dial

Box and papers


Service Papers